League of Legends: Check Out the New SKT Skins' Recall Animations!

takes especial care with. The newest entry in the line and the third entry to sport the SKT T1 [...]

skt t1 neon by xcloud zerox-d9p0tq9
(Photo: SKT T1)

Few skin lines are as consistently popular than the World Championship skins, which Riot (usually) takes especial care with. The newest entry in the line and the third entry to sport the SKT T1 name looks no different. Each of the newly-revealed skins looks to live up the epic history of SKT T1 as an organization, and not a single one falls short of that lofty goal design-wise. If you've yet to see them, then do yourself a favor and check them out here. You won't regret it.

The biggest draw of the World's skins isn't their design, however. Ever since the 2015 set of World Championship skins, Riot has crafted a custom recall animation for each skin based on input from the player that the skin is meant to represent. Make no mistake, the 2015 line of SKT skins have a great visual design, but they wouldn't be half as great as they are were it not for the personal touches like SKT T1 Ryze's imitation of Faker's famous somersault. Even the 2014 skin line had little touches like Samsung Talon's jacket or Samsung Twitch's recall animation that paid homage to Imp's famous line about rolling around in the grass. Championship skins aren't about the champion. They're about the player, and the custom recall animations do a wonderful job of making that clear.

Well, we finally got a look at the recall animations for the newest line of SKT T1 skins, and it's safe to say the Riot has outdone themselves this time. SKT T1 Olaf ragequits a League game, trashing his whole desk in the process. SKT T1 Ekko high-fives a pair of Paradoxes before returning to the fountain. SKT T1 Nami takes the cake, however, and Wolf will once again get the award for having thought of the most amusing animation. If you don't laugh the first time you watch Nami serve herself up on a bed of rice, then you need to get your sense of humor checked out.

The players aren't the only ones who got personal touches added, though. The SKT T1 ward skin that's meant to symbolize SKT T1's coach, Kkoma, also does it's best to imitate its inspiration. When the ward dies or is killed it does its bet impression of Kkoma's infamous facepalm before crumbling into dust.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Head on over to the League of Legends Facebook page and take a look at their video demo of the new animations!