League of Legends Compares Champions' Recalls To Pokemon Entering PokeBalls

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a League of Legends champion Recalls, Riot [...]

League of Legends Pokemon

If you've ever wondered what happens when a League of Legends champion Recalls, Riot Reverendanthony has an answer for you that has surprisingly has to do with Pokemon and PokeBalls.

For those that aren't familiar with League of Legends lingo, Recall is a feature that's shared among plenty of MOBAs, League included. Recalling allows for players to take a trip back to their base of operations after a brief channel so that they can shop for powerful items and heal up. What happens in that in-between limbo where players are briefly being rocketed back to their Nexus is a bit fuzzy, but the Rioter has posted a unique interpretation of the animation.

Instead of paraphrasing Reverendanthony's description, we've listed it below in all its Pokemon/League of Legends crossover poeticism.

To a hell of screaming silence, where black and white lose all meaning and the only direction is inward. Where the infinite possibilities of existence are compressed into a single moment of abject horror, where one can see the ultimate shape of the universe and realize the terrible truth that there IS no shape — no beginning, no end, and no meaning or texture beyond that which we apply to it. An eternal, unyielding, soul-twisting miasma of light where the memories of those you loved and those you hated intertwine until the emotions are one and the same. You are overwhelmed with a single desire: to escape. To return to the world you once knew, to flee this world of hateful simplicity and unity, to be amongst the difficult and the unpleasant and the complex once again because even the torture and terror of everyday life is preferable to the unending, heart-shattering peace of this nothingness.

In a summarized TL:DR, the Rioter provided a briefer explanation of the Recall experience.

"In other words, the same place Pokemon go when they enter a ball," the Rioter added.

So, there you have it! League of Legends champions travel to a purgatory not unlike a Pokemon's journey.

The question was posted and answered in a recent Ask Riot session that typically deals with important questions as well, but some Pokemon and League of Legends players might argue that this is the most important question out of all the ones asked.