League of Legends December Sales Includes Dawnbringer, Nightbringer Skins

The sales schedule for December has been revealed, and it contains some big discounts on recently [...]

Nightbringer Yasuo

The sales schedule for December has been revealed, and it contains some big discounts on recently released League of Legends skins as well as all the champions and cosmetics you could hope for.

From the Academy skins to giant crabs and PROJECT skins, December should have something for just about everyone. There are tons of champions going on sale as well such as Aurelion Sol, Jinx, and Vi as well, so if you're holding onto your Blue Essence and end up getting some RP around the holidays, you can get these champions for next to nothing compared to their original price. You could even send some of the skins out yourself to your duo partner or other League friends as some super cheap gifts around the holidays depending on who their favorite champs are.

As with every monthly sales schedule that's been revealed, the dates that these skins and champions will go on sale weren't posted. Because of that, you'll have to keep an eye out for when everything goes on sale so that you can make sure you don't miss out. You definitely won't want to miss the Early Sales either that include discounts on some skins that are still pretty fresh on the market and won't go on sale again for some time after this.

Below is the list of all the champions and skins going on sale in December, so plan your RP spending now:

Champion Sale Price (RP) Skin Sale Price (RP)
Aurelion Sol 487 Academy Ekko 375
Braum 487 Aviator Irelia 260
Caitlyn 440 Bilgewater Swain 260
Corki 395 Black Belt Udyr 260
Diana 440 Blood Moon Elise 487
Draven 440 Blood Moon Kalista 487
Ekko 487 Boneclaw Shyvana 260
Fiora 440 Braum Lionheart 375
Fizz 440 Captain Fortune 487
Gnar 487 Charred Maokai 487
Gragas 395 Commando Xin Zhao 260
Heimerdinger 395 Deep Terror Thresh 487
Illaoi 487 Definitely Not Vel'Koz 375
Jarvan IV 440 Dynasty Ahri 487
Jayce 440 Galactic Azir 487
Jhin 487 Giant Enemy Crabgot 260
Jinx 487 Headhunter Rengar 487
Karma 395 Hired Gun Lucian 487
LeBlanc 395 Ace of Spades Ezreal 375
Lee Sin 440 Lil' Slugger Trundle 260
Lissandra 487 Lumberjack Sion 260
Lulu 440 Marauder Ashe 375
Xerath 440 Minuteman Gangplank 260
Nidalee 395 Oktoberfest Gragas 487
Olaf 395 Panda Annie 487
Rek'Sai 487 Pool Party Fiora 675
Shaco 395 Pool Party Renekton 487
Shen 395 Program Soraka 675
Sona 395 PROJECT: Leona 675
Tahm Kench 487 Radiant Wukong 675
Thresh 487 Silverfang Akali 487
Twitch 395 Super Teemo 487
Urgot 395 Surfer Singed 487
Vayne 440 Urf the Nami-tee 375
Vi 487 Varus Swiftbolt 375
Viktor 440 Warring Kingdoms Nidalee 487

Early Sales:

Skin Price (RP) Sale Price (RP)
Chemtech Tryndamere 975 750
Dawnbringer Riven 1820 1350
Nightbringer Yasuo 1820 1350
Soulhunter Kayn 1350 975