League of Legends Drops Will Give Players Loot for Watching Pro Games This Weekend

League of Legends’ system that rewards players for watching professional esports matches is expanding this weekend with the introduction of “Drops” via the game’s official esports site. This new feature introduced in June will give players different in-game rewards for tuning into the weekend matches after specific events from the matches occur. Rewards include things like Hextech Chests and Hextech Keys among other useful items like Clash Tickets, and you can start earning the Drops as soon as this weekend during the LCS matches that begin on Friday.

Take the Twitch Drops viewers get from watching Twitch streams and the Watch Rewards League players get from viewing games through the LoL Esports site and you’ll already have an idea of how this new Drops system works. While watching a game through watch.lolesports.com after you’ve logged in with your League account, you’ll have to opt into the rewards to make sure you earn them when they’re available. After that, just watch the games and wait for a big moment to happen that would trigger the Drops.

“Drops appear in the form of cards likely featuring adorable poro(s) which represent a unique reward,” Riot Games said about the new feature. “These cards are triggered by in-game or in-broadcast events and will provide at minimum a small amount of Blue Essence. Rarer in-game moments or epic plays could trigger bigger rewards such as Hextech chests and keys, skin shards, summoner icons, and Clash tickets.”

Other Drop-inducing scenarios Riot mentioned previously included Baron steals, pentakills, or a series going the distance to the final match. Games in the LCS are currently still on a best-of-one system, so the final trigger of going to the final game in a series won’t apply until later in the season.

These Drops are also separate from the normal Watch Rewards players can obtain from tuning into pro games. Those Watch Rewards missions are found within the client and can be completed while obtaining the Drops.


The only catch with this system is that you have to be watching the game through the LoL Esports site and not on Twitch or YouTube. The site supports both Twitch and YouTube embeds views can choose between, so you can still watch your preferred platform so long as it’s done through the site to obtain the rewards.

League’s new Drops system begins for LCS viewers on Friday during the opening Immortals vs. Dignitas game of Friday Night League.

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