Select League of Legends Emotes Are Going on Sale

A special League of Legends sale is starting soon that’ll discount a couple of emotes with more [...]

League of Legends Emotes
(Photo: Riot Games)

A special League of Legends sale is starting soon that'll discount a couple of emotes with more savings to follow in the coming weeks.

The sale was revealed through a League of Legends announcement that detailed exactly which emotes would be going on sale and the dates that the sales would run. Not all of the emotes pictured above will be available at a discount at the same time, but the sales will be staggered in the following way throughout the end of March with each column of emotes in the image above showing which ones will be in each sale.

Sale Beginning on Feb. 26

  • Delightify
  • Sad Kitten
  • How Could You

Sale Beginning on March 12

  • You Get the Horns
  • Despair
  • Outrageous

Sale Beginning on March 26

  • Justice Garen-teed
  • Nice Try
  • Charmed

Each one of these emotes will be half off of the original price during the sales dates listed above with each sale lasting two weeks. This means that the emotes' prices will be reduced to just 225 RP as opposed to the normal 550 RP price.

Seeing how the emote sale is being announced weeks ahead of the first sale that begins on Feb. 26, it's best to hold off on purchasing any of these emotes for the time being. Players also shouldn't expect to receive a partial refund on these emotes if they're purchased before the sale occurs since the sales are being announced early.

Since the emotes were added to League, they've been adopted by some players while others preferred to abstain from the extra form of communication. The emotes aren't exactly designed to help discuss tactical decisions, but they're much more suited for expressing some quick messages like the Nice Try Lux emote that instantly conjures up the sound of her laugh in players' minds when either being used to congratulate a teammate's play or taunt an opponent for a missed opportunity. There's thankfully an option to mute the emotes if you don't want to be anywhere near them though, so those that don't want to partake in the emotes don't have to.

The sales will start on Feb. 26 and will run through the end of March, so be on the lookout for the discounts as they become available.