League of Legends' Ezreal Became Way Stronger Because of This Bug

The preseason update for League of Legends included tons of changes, but one of them was an [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

The preseason update for League of Legends included tons of changes, but one of them was an unintentional buff for Ezreal that made the champion deal some serious damage.

The latest patch included an undocumented change that allowed Mystic Shot to apply spell effects as well. The change was intentional, it was just one that didn't make it into the patch notes given how much there was to catalog. While the change made it possible to Ezreal to use Mystic Shot to help proc spell effects like Arcane Comet, it also caused the ability to double the damage that Muramana was supposed to apply on each shot.

The accidental change was brought to the attention of Riot Games through a post on the League boards where a player posted an explanation for what was happening to cause Ezreal's sudden winrate spike. The poster, Squishy Support, had likely had enough of getting pelted with Ezreal's Mystic Shots, asked for the post to be upvoted quickly so that Riot would see it, and see it they did. Riot Meddler replied to the post and said that they'd plan on fixing it in the next patch with there being a "slim chance" that it would be micropatched prior to Patch 7.23 while saying that it might not be a safe micropatch to push, but he later followed up on his comment and said that there was hope for a quick fix after all.

"Looks like this one is actually fairly straightforward to fix," Riot Meddler wrote. "Should be micropatching it later today all going smoothly."

The original poster also mentioned that the bug appears to affect more champions outside of just Ezreal. Gangplank's "Q" that nets him so much gold and allows for consistent harass in lane was another ability that also seems to be benefitting from the bug. Other commenters added more champions to the list, such as Miss Fortune and her "Q," so if you were having luck with those champions, things might feel a bit different soon depending on how you build the champs.

A micropatch should be going live later today to resolve the issues, so enjoy your Ezreal damage while it lasts.