League of Legends' February Sales Schedule Discounts New Star Guardian Skins

The sales schedule for all the League of Legends champions and skins going on sale in February has [...]

League of Legends Star Guardians
(Photo: Riot Games)

The sales schedule for all the League of Legends champions and skins going on sale in February has been released with some familiar faces and newcomers rounding out the list.

Remember those amazing new Star Guardian skins that introduced five new members to the starry team? Players will finally be able to buy them at a discount soon with each of the new skins going on sale in February as part of the Early Sales. Star Guardian Miss Fortune, Soraka, Syndra, Ahri, and Ezreal are all now part of the Star Guardian team after they were introduced months ago along with the Invasion game mode, and this will be players' one chance for quite a while to grab them at a discount. The Early Sales allow newish skins to go on sale after they've been out for a while, but after this sale is over, they'll go back to their full prices for quite some time.

Outside of the Star Guardian skins, there are still tons of champions and skins going on sale that include PROJECT skins and other options. The dates of when the skins and champions will be on sale won't be revealed until right before they hit the store, so keep checking the League sales schedules to see when your favorites will become available.

Normal Sales

Champion Sale Price (RP) Skin Sale Price (RP)
Aurelion Sol 487 Arcade Ezreal 675
Bard 487 Arclight Varus 487
Cassiopeia 440 Atlantean Syndra 487
Corki 395 Baker Pantheon 487
Ekko 487 Blade Mistress Morgana 375
Ezreal 440 Bloodstone Lissandra 487
Gnar 487 Boom Boom Blitzcrank 260
Graves 440 Butcher Olaf 375
Hecarim 440 Captain Gangplank 487
Heimerdinger 395 Celestine Soraka 487
Irelia 440 Cutpurse Twisted Fate 375
Jhin 487 Death Blossom Elise 487
Jinx 487 Deep Sea Nami 675
Kalista 487 Full Machine Viktor 487
Karma 395 Gentleman Gnar 487
Kog'Maw 440 Gragas, Esq. 487
LeBlanc 395 Guardian of the Sands Skarner 487
Lissandra 487 Jaximus 487
Maokai 440 Karate Kennen 260
Nautilus 440 Karthus Lightsbane 487
Nidalee 395 King Tryndamere 260
Olaf 395 Pool Party Miss Fortune 675
Shaco 395 Pre-Void Kassadin 260
Shen 395 PROJECT: Ekko 675
Sona 395 Renegade Talon 260
Swain 440 Rumble in the Jungle 487
Twitch 395 Sashimi Akali 375
Urgot 395 Scorched Earth Renekton 487
Varus 440 Shadow Evelynn 260
Vi 487 Shadow Prince Malzahar 260
Vladimir 440 Warrior Princess Sivir 260
Yasuo 487 Worldbreaker Trundle 375

Early Sales

Skin Price (RP) Sale Price (RP)
Star Guardian Miss Fortune 1350 975
Star Guardian Soraka 1350 975
Star Guardian Syndra 1350 975
Star Guardian Ahri 1820 1350
Star Guardian Ezreal 1350 975