League of Legends' Final Emote Sale Now Available

The final set of a trio of League of Legends emote sales is now available in the game’s [...]

League of Legends Emotes
(Photo: Riot Games)

The final set of a trio of League of Legends emote sales is now available in the game's in-client store with three emotes being marked down to half-price.

Even for those players who missed the last two emote sales, you can still pick up these last three for a limited time before the final sale leaves the store. Available now as of March 26 and remaining in the store until April 8, the following emotes have been reduced to a price of just 225 RP.

  • Charmed (Ahri)
  • Nice Try (Lux)
  • Justice Garen-teed (Garen)

These emotes among many others that eventually went on sale were first previewed back in February when Riot Games announced that select emotes would be going on sale at different intervals throughout the next few months. Riot Games provided a schedule for when the different emotes sales would be held as well as a visual for each emote that would be discounted and the reduced price info and made the sale announcements hard to miss throughout the whole process.

The first round of sales featured Lulu's Delightify and Gnar's How Could You emote as well as the Sad Kitten emote that you may have seen in games following the sale, the kitten emotes right up there in quality with the penguin ones. Following that sale that concluded in March, a second set of deals replaced it that discounted Alistar's You Get the Horns, Amumu's Despair, and Taric's Outrageous.

All of these different emotes have been priced at 225 RP each time, an RP cost that still may seem a bit high to some players for the emotes, but one that'll inevitably bring in some discount shoppers regardless. Riot Games gives League players a couple of different ways to earn the emotes as well through loot and events, so there's always a chance that you'll find something that you like later on without having to pay for it with your RP.

With this being the end of the set of emote sales, it's unclear if Riot Games plans to continue offering such discounts on other emotes like how the weekly champion and skin sales work. If that's the case, you can bet that more players start coming out with RP ready when the penguin emotes go on sale, especially D'Pengu.