League of Legends Players Can Get a Free Skin for a Limited Time

League of Legends rarely gives away skins for free, but that’s exactly what’s happening now and for the next two weeks with a cosmetic available to players at no cost. That skin is the Thousand-Pierced Bear cosmetic for Volibear, the champion who just recently got reworked and re-released onto the Rift with updated abilities, visuals, and effects. All you have to do to get the skin is have either owned Volibear prior to the champion’s rework, but if you didn’t own him then and are now interested since he’s gotten a rework, you can get the skin for free by purchasing him before the next patch is released.

The free League of Legends skin is going out to players now as of May 28th, so if you meet the requirements to get it, you should see yours soon. A re-login is required to have the release go through though, so if you’ve been playing on Thursday and don’t see yours in your inventory, you’ll need to logout and back in to get it. If you haven’t bought Volibear at all and want to try him out, you’ve got until June 10th to purchase the champion and get the skin for free.

A preview of the skin was shared on social media along with details on how to get the skin for anyone who wants it.

This skin will return to the price of 975 RP after the promotion ends, so if you decide you want it later, you’ll end up paying for it like you normally would. Volibear costs 4,800 Blue Essence if you want to purchase him from the client’s store, so it’s not much of an investment to ask for if you’ve got some extra Blue Essence laying around and want a free skin.

During the buildup to Volibear’s rework before we knew what his abilities would look like, Riot explained that it’d been looking into several directions for Volibear’s updated design. One of those directions would’ve turned him into an “Eldritch Horror” creature, but Riot ultimately decided against that route. To preserve that possibility, Riot created this skin.


We also saw that some players were disappointed that we didn’t take Volibear in a more ‘Eldritch Horror’ direction he has been portrayed as in some of our recent lore,” said Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, lead producer for League’s champion team during previous announcements about Volibear’s rework. “While we thought that direction was interesting and it definitely excited some of us on the team as well, we ultimately felt it didn’t stay true enough to live Volibear.”

Volibear’s skin is now available for those who meet the requirements with this promotion ending on June 10th.

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