League of Legends Details More Plans for Health Bar Update

League of Legends’ designers are back with more details on how the preseason health bar update [...]

League of Legends' designers are back with more details on how the preseason health bar update is progressing as well as a quick video to show the new health bars in action.

Following a second informational post on the League boards that discussed the changes to the health bars, Riot Rayven, a UI designer working on the health bar update, continued the progress updates with another post that explained where the update is at and what their plans are moving forward.

Below are the various points that Riot Rayven said they're trying to achieve with the health bar update:

- Familiar, but better (no relearning, no change to things like last hitting)
- Game to game differences, not moment to moment
- Interacting with objectives is more satisfying
- Interacting with defensive windows is more satisfying (heals, shreds, etc)
- Bodying fools feels better than ever.

- Easier to track the flow of a fight.
- More intuitive play/counterplay around defensive windows.
- More intuitive play/counterplay around unique mechanics (extra life, unstoppable, etc).
- Huge clarity gains when spectating and watching streams.

V3 Changelist
- Ammo resources like Jhin, Corki, Annie have the same treatment as Live.
- Lots of color tweaks and some sizing tweaks.
- Lots of animation tweaks.
- Tower burst, shake, and death animations are in.
- Option to turn off shake animation coming this week.
- Baron's healthbar now stays in place rather than bouncing all over.
- Resurrecting state improvements.

Future Stuff
- Healing over time
- Damage over time
- Color code objective takes
- Kill streaking
- Stealth state

If you missed the initial announcement and are completely behind on what this health bar update even is, it was announced back in October that the health bars would be changing in the preseason period alongside so many other League features. Resurrection effects, burst damage, and ammo charges are just a few of the changes that are included in the health bar update with the video above showing off some of the changes that are being tested so far.

Riot's said that they're open to feedback on the health bar changes, so share your thoughts on the League boards and look for more updates on the changes as information is released.