League of Legends Honor Update Rewards Revealed

The new honor update is on the horizon, and many of our initial questions about the new system [...]

Warwick 1
(Photo: Riot Games)

The new honor update is on the horizon, and many of our initial questions about the new system remain to be answered. Players are still largely in the dark about how the new honor tiers will function, as well as how many commendations it takes to break into higher the higher tiers. Most importantly, however, Riot was silent about what the rewards from the new honor system would be. They insinsuated that the new system would have material rewards, as the old systems ribbons proved to not be desirable enough to ensure the system's survival.

Well, thanks to Riot OCE, we now have some idea of what the possible rewards from the new system will be. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the new system will reward players with skins...somehow. The mechanism by which it would do so has yet to be revealed, but Riot has revealed some of the possible rewards, and they're certainly attractive. Two of the rarest skins in the game will be available via the honor system, and neither of the two skins is currently available now, nor will they be available by other means once the new system releases.

The savvy amongst you have already figured out exactly what skins I'm talking about. The skins in question are, of course, Gray Warwick and Medieval Twitch. Both skins were once available via the now defunct refer a friend system, and both were far from easy to acquire even when that system existed. The refer a friend system didn't just mandate that you get friends to try out League of Legends for a game or two, it actually required them to level up to level 5. Any friends that only played for long enough to get a single level or two wouldn't count as having played at all, at least for the purposes of increasing your refer a friend count.

So how many referrals did it take to get these skin? Well, Gray Warwick was available with "merely" fifty referrals, while Medieval Twitch was only available to players that managed to get three hundred and fifty referrals. Suffice it to say, that was a fairly rare feat.

The new honor system will be available to players in the OCE region tomorrow, and every other region will have access to the new system come patch 7.13.