League of Legends January Sales Schedule Includes Omega Squad Discounts

The list of every League of Legends champion and skin going on sale in January has been released [...]


The list of every League of Legends champion and skin going on sale in January has been released with options new and old being discounted throughout the month.

Following the pattern of each monthly sales list before it, the January sales that have been posted don't include the dates that the skins and champions will be on sale, but they do include their newly-discounted prices. The preview of all the month's sales helps players plan out their purchases for the next month, but since the sales list is being revealed ahead of time, you won't be able to get a partial refund on a champion or skin if you pick one up for full price ahead of its sale date.

The skins included in the early sales that are listed at the bottom of the sales schedule will stand out to players as some relatively new cosmetics with each one of the newer Omega Squad skins going on sale. Omega Squad skins for Tristana, Fizz, Twitch, and Veigar were released back in July, but January will be the first time that they'll go on sale since they were released. If you still don't have them in your collection, you'll want to get whichever ones you need during the sale because it'll be a while before they go on sale again.

Below are all of the skins and champions that are going on sale in January along with their discounted RP prices.

Champion Sale Price (RP) Skin Sale Price (RP)
Aatrox 487 Blast Zone Heimerdinger 260
Ahri 440 Chosen Master Yi 260
Akali 395 Commando Galio 260
Anivia 395 Constable Trundle 375
Azir 487 Cryocore Brand 487
Blitzcrank 395 Cutthroat Graves 375
Camille 487 Dragon Fist Lee Sin 487
Elise 440 Dragonslayer Braum 487
Galio 395 Elderwood LeBlanc 675
Gangplank 395 Eternum Rek'sai 675
Ivern 487 Foxfire Ahri 487
Karthus 395 Frost Queen Janna 487
Kassadin 395 Frostblade Irelia 487
Katarina 395 Gragas Caskbreaker 375
Kha'Zix 440 Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix 487
Kindred 487 Headhunter Caitlyn 487
Kled 487 Ice Drake Shyvana 487
Leona 440 Marauder Alistar 375
Lucian 487 Masked Shaco 487
Lux 395 Neon Strike Vi 487
Miss Fortune 395 Pentakill Sona 487
Nami 487 Pharaoh Nasus 260
Nocturne 440 Pickpocket Twitch 375
Orianna 440 Program Lissandra 675
Pantheon 395 Rogue Admiral Garen 375
Quinn 487 Sakura Karma 260
Riven 440 Shurima Desert Zilean 487
Sejuani 440 Sir Kled 487
Shyvana 395 Sorceress Lux 260
Taliyah 487 Special Forces Gangplank 487
Trundle 440 Super Galaxy Fizz 675
Vel'Koz 487 Super Galaxy Kindred 675
Wukong 440 Tundra Hunter Warwick 260
Yorick 440 Uncle Ryze 260
Zac 487 Valkyrie Leona 260
Ziggs 440 Woad Scout Quinn 487
Skin Price (RP) Sale Price (RP)
Omega Squad Fizz 1350 975
Omega Squad Tristana 1350 975
Omega Squad Twitch 1350 975
Omega Squad Veigar 1350 975