League of Legends Buffs and Nerfs Keystone Runes in Latest Patch

Two of League of Legends’ new Keystone Runes received changes in the latest patch amid other [...]


Two of League of Legends' new Keystone Runes received changes in the latest patch amid other buffs and significant bugfixes for various other runes.

Patch 7.23 is the first update following the preseason patch that initially introduced all of the new runes, so although it was light on changes, the nerfs and buffs to the champions were often rune-related as well. Some champions were struggling or overperforming with the new runes and needed fixing, but only three of the runes themselves received changes with this patch.

The changes below outlined in the patch notes for two Keystone Runes and one of the normal Domination runes are now live, so make sure to be aware of the nerfs and buffs if they're included in your builds.

Summon Aery (Sorcery Keystone)

  • BASE DAMAGE: 20-60 (at levels 1-18) ⇒15-40 (at levels 1-18)
  • BUGFIX: Aery now deals the correct adaptive damage type based on your stats

Predator (Domination Keystone)

  • COOLDOWN: 180-120 seconds (at levels 1-18) ⇒150-100 seconds (at levels 1-18)

Zombie Ward (Domination)

  • GRAVEROBBER: Killing a Zombie Ward now grants one gold

Along with the balance issues that may have followed the new runes, several bugs were also introduced as well. More bugs almost certainly still exist with the runes and will be fixed soon, but until then, the following rune-related issues have been corrected.

  • Allies can no longer help you activate Electrocute if they're running it as well
  • Arcane Comet can now properly proc off the empowered attack of Viktor's Q - Siphon Power
  • Using a Kleptomancy-looted Peering Farsight Totem (blue ward) while also having a Farsight Totem in your inventory no longer puts your Farsight Totem on cooldown
  • Ally portraits no longer incorrectly display an empty mana bar if their Manaflow Band Rune is off cooldown
  • Wukong's R - Cyclone and Rakan's R - The Quickness now properly benefit from The Ultimate Hat's cooldown reduction
  • Taking the Hextech Flashtraption Rune no longer prevents you from buffering inputs when casting your normal Flash
  • Champions with clone abilities no longer trigger Presence of Mind when their clones expire

The patch should now be live after an update to your client, so take not of the changes and keep working on your new rune builds.