League of Legends Teaser Reveals First Look at K'Sante

A new League of Legends teaser released this week gave players their first official look at K'Sante, the next champion planned for the game. K'Sante is from Shurima, Riot Games confirmed previously, but whenever he's added to League, he'll call the top lane his home given that he's already confirmed to be a tank. We don't yet know what K'Santa is capable of in terms of his abilities, but Riot's typical teaser pattern is anything to go off of, it shouldn't be long before those details are revealed ahead of a PBE release.

K'Sante has only been teased before in concept art that showed off the champion's homeland of Nazumah, a newly announced part of Shurima, but this teaser below finally shows off the first look at the character's design. Based on the objects he interacts with, it looks like he's a pretty sizable character whose dialogue frames him as a protector of his people. In short, he certainly looks like the top-lane tank that he's supposed to be based on what we've seen thus far.

K'Sante's teasers date as far back as the April Champion Roadmap that indicated he'd be "a new high skill top lane tank from a region of Shurima." In a more recent preview of the 2023 season shared in August, Riot Reav3 teased more about K'Sante's design alongside some hints about the character's weapon of choice and how that'll influence his abilities. A recap of the story of K'Sante's people and their fight to secure the oasis of Nazumah from ghastly monsters (likely the same ones referenced in the book shown above) gave more insights into the champion's background.

"Now, 500 years later, this new champion leads the warriors of Nazumah to hunt those same monsters using the rare resources they gain to build their infrastructure and weapons. He actually fought one of the largest monsters the desert has ever known creating his unique Ntofos out of its rare regenerating hide. Ntofos are huge, blunt weapons that can be used defensively. But at any moment, he can shatter them, revealing carefully crafted blades, capable of tearing through any foe in seconds. Soon after, the hide will regenerate back to its blunt form so he can, like, bludgeon the crap out of you."

K'Sante should be fully revealed soon, so look for more info on his abilities and such in the coming week or so.