League of Legends Receives Game-Changing Tweak in New Patch

The latest update for League of Legends has made a bewildering change that impacts the game in a major way. Within the past day, patch 12.6 for League of Legends rolled out to all those who are playing the ever-popular MOBA. And while the update contained a number of typical balance changes for various characters and items in the game, Riot Games seems to have also tweaked something behind the scenes that it didn't note in the latest patch notes. 

Noticed by YouTuber Vandiril, Riot cut the HP that the Nexus has in League of Legends by nearly half. Previously, the Nexus, which is the object that must be destroyed in order to win a game, had a health point total of 5500. Now, after the arrival of patch 12.6, the Nexus instead only has 3010 HP. The reason for this change wasn't made clear by Riot, but the move now allows teams to more quickly end a game if they do happen to break through to the enemy team's Nexus. 

What's even weirder is that the changes don't stop there. In the past, both the Nexus and outer Inhibitors in each team's base would restore health over time if they weren't fully destroyed. This allowed teams to more successfully defend their base for the long haul if needed. Instead, update 12.6 has also reversed this longtime feature in League of Legends as well. So if a team's Nexus or Inhibs take any sort of damage, it now won't heal for that damage in due time. 

Again, this move is one that a number of League of Legends players have found to be extremely weird, especially since Riot didn't call attention to the alteration when the patch was pushed out. As such, it's hard to know if this is something that Riot actually meant to happen, or if it instead was done by accident. Either way, we'll be sure to update you here on Comicbook.com if we happen to learn more. 

What do you think about this major tweak to League of Legends? Should Riot reverse this move, or do you instead like that the Nexus now has less health? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or you can hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.