League of Legends Mid-patch Update Nerfs Nunu

A quick League of Legends update pushed after Patch 8.2 rolled out toned down the power of [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

A quick League of Legends update pushed after Patch 8.2 rolled out toned down the power of Nunu.

Nunu received a fairly significant buff in 8.2 that looked to help the struggling champion perform better in the jungle, but as many players anticipated, players began playing Nunu much more and were experiencing some promising results. Those results were apparently a bit too much seeing how part of the buff Nunu's Consume (Q) received has now been reeled back in, according to the patch notes' mid-patch update section.

"We wanted Nunu something to do with his hands, but it turns out we gave him too much," Riot Games said. "Dialing that back so he can settle in a good place."

Q - Consume

  • ON-HIT DAMAGE: 3/5/7/9/11 (+5 per 100 ability power) ⇒ 1/2/3/4/5 (+5 per 100 ability power)

But even with this slight nerf to what's still an overall buff, Nunu still has another powerful tool at his disposal in the form of his Blood Boil (W). This move also got a huge buff that allows Nunu to increase both his and an ally's ability power by a huge 40 percent for the duration of an ability that has a relatively low downtime. This has prompted players to explore other more creative options with Nunu such as taking him in a support role alongside an attack speed-based AP champions like Kayle and Azir, but the yeti rider seems to still mostly be seen in his primary jungling role.

Outside of Nunu's slight change to his buff, players might've noticed League's towers withstanding a bit more abuse lately. Both the armor and the magic resist that towers possess have been increased as of Patch 8.2, part of an effort from Riot Games to increase the duration of the laning phase as was discussed recently. This buff actually went live at the start of the patch, it was just omitted from the initial release of the patch notes.

Turret Durability

  • SCALING ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST: +30 over 15 minutes ⇒ +15 over 15 minutes

Both of League's changes for Nunu and the turrets are now live in Patch 8.2.