League of Legends Might Remove Gragas' Body Slam Into Flash Combo

Gragas is one of League of Legends' most dominant junglers, but he might soon have a core combo [...]

(Photo: League of Legends)

Gragas is one of League of Legends' most dominant junglers, but he might soon have a core combo removed from his kit.

Like some of the other League champions' ability interactions, Gragas can use his Flash during his E, Body Slam, to create a powerful combo. By Body Slamming towards an enemy and Flashing part of the way through, Gragas can gain some extra distance toward the enemy he's ganking and take them by surprise while instantly slamming into them.

With how strong Gragas is in the current meta, most League players are likely aware of the combo whether it's because they're using it themselves or if they've fallen victim to in lane. It's a powerful tool for the drunken jungler, but it might not be around for much longer.

"I think we'll want to look at Gragas's E hitbox and, potentially, his ability to use Flash mid E," Riot Meddler said in a reply to a comment on his recent Gameplay Thoughts post. "Those both put a lot of power/focus on his initiation power, and therefore attractiveness as a tank. Would potentially have done that in the last couple of patches, but concluded it was a change that needed to wait until after the Worlds patch."

The comment Meddler replied to compared the amount of work that they believed Gragas need to changes that Rek'Sai received in her recent changes. The commenter mentioned Gragas being converted into more of an AP fighter as opposed to the beefy jungler that he currently exists as.

Along with the potential removal of the combo, another important part of Gragas' Body Slam that might receive changes is the ability's hitbox. The ability has received criticism from players for some time now because of its hitbox that seems to extend beyond Gragas' model both on the sides and in front of him. Searching around for complaints about his Body Slam will leave you with no short supply of clips where Gragas dubiously smashes into enemies with his Body Slam.

If Gragas has parts of his Body Slam altered, he'll likely receive something else as compensation, but as indicated by Meddler, changes such as these likely won't come till after Worlds.