League of Legends Is Giving Players More Ranked Rewards Next Season

League of Legends players will get more rewards during the 2023 ranked season, Riot Games said this week. Those include more rewards during the split and, for some players, more opportunities to earn end-of-season rewards that they may have struggled to acquire in past seasons. Riot Games shared the lates on the 2023 ranked season on Tuesday but of course has not yet announced what the rewards for the next season will be.

While older ranked seasons only gave players rewards at the season's conclusion, more recent ones have offered players a rewards track based on earned points during the season itself. Riot Games identified a few issues with that current system including the fact that it doesn't make players feel rewarded enough, and as such, things are changing next season.

"As a result, the rewards track wasn't doing its job of making players feel rewarded for their time spent in Ranked—not to mention it also wasn't motivating players who don't play a lot of Ranked and therefore missed out on the rewards completely," Riot said. "So we're increasing the number of rewards and placing more earlier on the track. At the same time, we reduced the number of games required to reach each of the existing rewards. "

So, more rewards will be given out during the season, but what about afterwards? The Victorious skin given out for players who hit at least Gold will apparently stick around next season, but the way it's earned will change. Riot noticed that many players would stop playing ranked after hitting Gold and would only play every now and then to maintain rank, and those who can't consistently hit Gold during the season were finding it frustrating that they couldn't earn the reward.\

"Of course, we still want to reward players for climbing higher and higher, so Gold players and above will still earn the skins and chromas that will be distributed at the end of the split right after completing placements," Riot said. "But now, players below them will have a chance to earn the skins as well—if they put in the time. For these players to earn it, they'll have to play a much larger number of games. On top of that, as soon as a Silver player hits Gold, they'll unlock the skin, even if they drop back down to Silver. So your best shot to earn it is still to improve and keep climbing!"

These ranked changes will take effect in the 2023 season with more info to come soon to better explain the plans.