Next League Of Legends Champion's Designer Confirmed

is the game designer on that team though yeah.'If you're not familiar with the designer by his [...]

TahmKench 1
(Photo: Riot Games)

The 7.13 PBE cycle in League of Legends won't be getting a new champion to test, and while there's still not much known about what kind of champ it might be, we at least know who's going to be in charge of designing it.

During gameplay thoughts from Meddler that were posted yesterday, the Riot Games employee informed readers that they wouldn't be seeing a new champ for testing this time around, but several people were curious to learn anything they could and asked if he could confirm who which designer would be creating League's newest champ. The speculation was that it would be DanielZKlein leading the creation, an idea that Meddler confirmed to be true.

"There's a large team on the next new champ from a range of different backgrounds (art, game design, engineering, QA, production etc)," responded Meddler. "DanielZKlein (also known as ZenontheStoic) is the game designer on that team though yeah."

If you're not familiar with the designer by his name, you might recognize him a bit more by his tongue-lashing, evil-purifying, soldier-summoning, and rock-throwing creations. DanielZKlein is the champ designer who's responsible for creating Tahm Kench, Lucian, Azir, and Taliyah, four champs that have definitely had their ups and downs in terms of balance and the amount of frustration they can cause.

A couple of months ago when DanielZKlein first hinted that he'd probably be in charge of a champion soon, he seemed like he already had a general idea of what he wanted to do, responding to a comment about champions with extra abilities by saying that the commenter definitely wouldn't be happy with his next champ that would come after the release of Xayah and Rakan. He also talked a bit about his previous champions and their goals. Azir was the product of trying to create something completely unique, Tahm Kench was planned to be an easy solo queue champ, Taliyah was focused on skill in the mid lane, and he said he had no clue what he was doing when he made Lucian.

The next champ's release date may be a while away, but knowing who's designing it, some players will likely have a lot of fun while others will be happy they now have 10 bans to work with.