New 'League of Legends' Champion Will Be Revealed Next Week

The next new League of Legends champion will be revealed next week on November 19th, Riot Games [...]

The next new League of Legends champion will be revealed next week on November 19th, Riot Games has confirmed

Within a client update that shared information on the start of the new season and what all is changing now that the 2018 season has concluded, a message on the sidebar said the new champion would be revealed next Monday. A Riot Games employee confirmed as much with video producer Riot EarthSlug tweeting to say the new champion that's going to be revealed is the colorful mage teased earlier in the year.

Riot EarthSlug's tweet doesn't explicitly say the full reveal with all the mage's abilities explained will come on Monday, but a video sounds like its guaranteed given his position. Riot Games usually teases the new champions with some sort of gameplay video or similar product before fully outlining the champion's abilities and gameplay style soon after.

Whatever the colorful mage champion is was previewed first back in August when a Champion Roadmap article laid out the plans for the next few champions and champion updates. Riot Reav3 said at the time that the year would mostly focus on Visual and Gameplay Updates instead of new champions, but he teased that there were plans for the colorful new mage with a message about the reveal accompanied by the image below.

(Photo: Riot Games)

"We do have a few new champions in development — including a rather colorful mage that won't stay hidden for too much longer — but it's a bit far away to go into specific details yet," Riot Reav3 said.

Following those teasers, Riot Reav3 answered more questions from players to say that the plan is to have the champion out by the end of the year. The full release was "expected" at the time, but given that the reveal is coming next week and Riot Games has already said those watching the All Stars 2018 event would be able to see what professional players could do with the champion in December, it seems like the release is on track for some time this year.

Riot Games has more plans for new champions and updates such as another that was teased at the same time as the colorful mage champion along with reworks for Kayle and Morgana. That final new champion teased in the roadmap along with the sisters' reworks won't be releasing until sometime in 2019 though, so the colorful mage champion is the next big reveal to look forward to on November 19th.