League of Legends Players Have Chosen Illaoi's Next Skin

Illaoi is getting a new skin soon that’s been chosen based on tons of votes from League of [...]

League of Legends Illaoi Skin
(Photo: Riot Games)

Illaoi is getting a new skin soon that's been chosen based on tons of votes from League of Legends players and Illaoi mains.

At the end of October, it was announced that the tanky top laner would be receiving a new skin, but which one she'd be receiving was up to the players. For the first time, three different skins were previewed with a voting system put in place to decide which cosmetic would win. The three options were Battlecast, Adventurer, or Deep Space skins, the last two being new ideas and the first a continuation of the Battlecast line of skins. It seems that players went with the more familiar option out of the three seeing how Battlecast Illaoi received the most votes and will be the next skin for the champion.

Battlecast took the majority with 45 percent of the total votes cast while Deep Space took 30 percent and Adventurer took just 25 percent. Each of the skins offered an impressive take on the champion and her iconic ground-slamming tentacles, but she'll soon be joining the Battlecast family.

When the voting began, there was some concern from Illaoi mains about the voting process. Illaoi isn't a champion that's often picked, so those that main the champion were reasonably concerned that their votes would get overshadowed by those who don't even play her and were just picking a skin that appealed to them the most. However, Riot Games also provided some more voting stats to show that those who play the most Illaoi games actually voted for Battlecast as well. When looking at who had the most games on Illaoi and where their vote was cast, the data showed that each category from those who barely play her to those with thousands of games on record voted for Battlecast Illaoi.

While the process of creating Battlecast Illaoi is already an atypical one, Riot's taking it one step further by walking everyone through the skin-creating process. Every two weeks, a development post will go live that'll detail the phase that the skin is in, whether it's the sound design, animation, or finishing touches.

The skin doesn't have a projected release date just yet, but look for the development posts as it's worked on to get an idea of when it'll hit the store.