League of Legends Bringing Back Nexus Blitz With Some New Features

League of Legends players who remember fondly the limited-time Nexus Blitz game mode can play it once more now that it’s landed on the PBE’s test servers. Riot Games announced the return of Nexus Blitz this week and said it’s been rereleased now on the test servers for players to try out, though this time, it’s got a couple of new features for players to explore as well. A timeframe for how long the game mode would be available on the test servers was not given nor was it said how long it’d be till Nexus Blitz was again playable on the live servers.

Riot Stephiroth shared an update on Nexus Blitz this week within the League PBE subreddit that’s acted as a replacement for the closed-down League of Legends boards. The League of Legends developer confirmed there that the Nexus Blitz mode had been released on the PBE once again for players test out so long as they had an active PBE account.

Some of the changes made to the Nexus Blitz mode include a totally new area in the bottom lane for players to navigate as well as some adjustments for the Jungle Guardian based on feedback from the last time Nexus Blitz was around. Items have also been updated to align with the sweeping item update that League of Legends is testing during the preseason.

The full list of Nexus Blitz changes live now on the PBE can be found below courtesy of Riot Stephiroth.

League of Legends Nexus Blitz Updates

New Art Changes!

  • The Temple of Lily and Lotus has gone into full bloom, with new statues and atmospheric changes to push the art direction of the map even further beyond, and help differentiate the two sides of the map from each other! And we've added extra cuteness with some updated Little Legends shopkeepers.

Integration with the new Summoner’s Rift Item Update!

  • You’ll notice that all of the new Items are active in the mode. And URF Deathmatch now gives ability haste and Item Haste instead of Cooldown Reduction (note: there are a few outstanding bugs)

Removal of legacy items (RIP DFG) with the *exception of Golden Spatula!*

  • We thought with all of the new items added during this preseason, having the legacy items on top of that would create too much confusion, so we have removed them for now. But don’t fret, they will likely come back in a future update!

New area in the bot lane!

  • We have added a new island in the jungle near the bottom lane of the map (currently coined as 'Scuttle Island') to hopefully break up some of the stuck gameplay patterns we were observing last time the mode was live. Let us know what you think, if you feel safer or unsafe playing in the bot lane, and what new ganking opportunities arise as a jungler!

Jungle Guardian Changes!

  • Based off of feedback from the last run of Nexus Blitz, we have made some updates to the Jungle Guardian tuning and behaviors.

League of Legends’ Nexus Blitz mode is now live on the PBE servers.