League of Legends' Ornn No Longer Unstoppable on the PBE

A nerf for Ornn is on the League of Legends PBE that makes the tanky champion much less [...]

Ornn (1)
(Photo: Riot Games)

A nerf for Ornn is on the League of Legends PBE that makes the tanky champion much less Unstoppable.

The nerf in question is a brief one, but it's an extremely important one to take note of both for those who play Ornn and those who hate playing against him. Currently on the PBE, there is a huge nerf that removes the "Unstoppable" attribute from his "W," Bellows Breath. In its current form, this move making Ornn Unstoppable allows the champion to both deal quite a bit of damage with the attack while also applying a bit of skill to the move by timing it to block enemy crowd control from fully affecting him. He'll still be hit by the CC and take some of its effects depending on what it does, but it won't stop his walking forward.

But if the PBE nerf goes through, all of that will change and Ornn will no longer have that part of his kit to utilize. CC will affect him like it would any other champion when he uses his Bellows Breath, a change that'll hurt him both in his lane and even more in the chaotic teamfights where he and his numerous forms of CC excel.

Ornn's a force to be reckoned with at the moment, but this nerf honestly seems like it might not be the best way to go about changing the champion. His Bellows Breath already deals a gross amount of damage to enemies while shielding himself in the process, not to mention the Brittle effect that it applies to those who stay in the flame for too long. Couple that with the ability's low cooldown after Ornn reaches his max cooldown reduction limit that the champ loves to achieve and there are definitely other areas that could be nerfed instead of removing one of his key defenses against enemies.

The nerf for Ornn on the PBE exists alongside another change that raises the cooldown of his Call of the Forge God ultimate across all ranks. These changes aren't guaranteed to ship in the form they are now, but that won't be confirmed until the official patch notes are released.