League of Legends Patch 7.23 Champion Buffs and Nerfs

The newest League of Legends patch is on the lighter side compared to the previous update, but it [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

The newest League of Legends patch is on the lighter side compared to the previous update, but it still includes a couple of champion buffs and nerfs to take note of.

It'd be quite the accomplishment to top the big preseason patch that was released two weeks ago, but with all the drastic changes, it's a breath of fresh air to have a smaller patch. League players are likely still trying to perfect their new rune builds anyway, and the champion balance changes in Patch 7.23 luckily deal mostly with base stat nerfs or buffs.

Below are the six champions that'll be receiving changes in the next patch along with the nerfs, buffs, and bugfixes that they'll have once the update goes live:


  • Base stats
    • [NEW] INNATE BONUS ATTACK SPEED :: 8% (level 1 attack speed: ||| 0.625 >>> 0.675)


  • Passive - Prophet of an Elder God
    • BUFF-FIX :: Tentacle slams no longer fizzle if an enemy dies after being acquired as a slam target
  • W - Harsh Lesson
    • BUFF-FIX :: Similar to the above, any tentacles that would slam Illaoi's target now do so if her target dies during Harsh Lesson's leap animation
    • CONSISTENCY :: Harsh Lesson's empowered attack can no longer be canceled (matching other empowered attacks)


  • E - Flame Chompers!
    • [NEW] ANKLE BITERS :: Enemies rooted by Flame Chompers now have any in-progress movement abilities stopped


  • Base stats
    • BASE ARMOR :: 40 >>> 36


  • Base stats
    • BASE ATTACK DAMAGE :: 69 >>> 66


  • Base stats
    • HEALTH GROWTH STAT :: 87 >>> 90
    • ARMOR GROWTH STAT :: 3 >>> 3.5

With three buffs, two nerfs, and a bugfix for Illaoi, these are the only champion changes that you'll see in the next patch, You might've noticed some mid-patch changes that went live earlier though that either helped or hurt several champions like Nunu and Sona depending on how they were doing with the new runes.

The new patch should go live later in the week, so look for these changes and more when it does.