New League of Legends Patch Makes Some Champions Talk Less

The patch notes for the next League of Legends update have been revealed, and within that patch is [...]

The patch notes for the next League of Legends update have been revealed, and within that patch is an adjustment for three champions that'll be welcome news for anyone who's tired of hearing chatty champions toss out their abilities. Taliyah, Morgana, and Ezreal are all having their voice over lines adjusted so that they play less frequently when the trio uses abilities, so you'll no longer be hearing them every time they cast an ability.

This change wasn't a major point in the patch notes – at least not as much as Qiyana's release and the new Arcade skins – but it'll be a big deal for players who found the three champions to be overly talkative. Whether they're saying "Throw another rock!" or broadcasting to their team when they miss a Mystic Shot, these three champs were probably the first ones that came to mind when thinking about characters that you'll hear most often.

"Taliyah, Morgana, and Ezreal's ability VO lines will play less frequently," the short line in the patch notes read.

Riot Zimberfly, a voice over designer at Riot Games, said that there would be more work to be done on champion voiceovers based on players' (hopefully reasonable) requests. The Rioter also clarified that this change only applies to the abilities that the champions use, so if you're an Ezreal player who's grown accustomed to spamming your dance at the start of the game, nobody's going to be stopping you from doing that.

Of course, there's always the option to just mute the champions if you don't want to hear from them anyway. The mute options in the game obviously mute the chat that comes from players on both teams, but one of the lesser known uses of the feature is that it mutes champions' voice lines as well. Couple that with muting emotes and you'll never have to hear an enemy or allied champion again.

Qiyana's release is still the focus of the update, at least as far as the patch notes are concerned, but there's also Teamfight Tactics to look forward to. The new game mode that's been the talk of League since it was announced is schedule to hit the live servers starting on Wednesday in North America, so expect the servers to be flooded with players trying out the new mode.