League of Legends Reveals Release Date For New Pentakill Album

For the first time since 2017, Riot Games has today confirmed that it will officially be bringing [...]

For the first time since 2017, Riot Games has today confirmed that it will officially be bringing back Pentakill, which is the fictional band associated with League of Legends. To coincide with Worlds 2021, which is set to begin later this fall, Riot has decided to bring back the heavy metal band that has previously released two full-length albums in the past. And while the members of this band have stayed the same over the years, it looks as though some new champions will be joining the group this time around.

In a general sense, it was revealed by Riot Games today that the third album for Pentakill is going to be entitled Lost Chapter. The album itself is set to release on September 8, which is closer than we expected. Riot hasn't currently announced how many tracks will be on the album, but the previous two Pentakill records featured eight and ten tracks respectively.

While there's still a lot that we have left to see and hear from Pentakill, perhaps the most notable tease today involves the addition of a new band member. In the tweet that you can find below, Riot revealed the album art for Lost Chapter which contains a number of pieces of iconography that call back to certain members of the band. As many fans were quick to point out, though, the Ruined King symbol also seemed to be prominently featured on the artwork. This seems to suggest that Viego, who is one of the newest champions in League of Legends, will somehow be involved with Pentakill this time around.

In all likelihood, the release of Lost Chapter should be accompanied by some new in-game Pentakill skins for certain champions in League of Legends. While we have yet to see these new skins just yet, there's a good chance that we'll start to learn more in the coming weeks once Lost Chapter actually arrives. To that end, be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here on ComicBook.com as we move forward.

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