Get Ready for League of Legends' New PROJECT Skins With This Login Screen

The newest PROJECT skins to be added to one of League of Legends’ best line of skins just got [...]

The newest PROJECT skins to be added to one of League of Legends' best line of skins just got their own login screen that'll make you even more willing to buy them.

It's not live on the actual client just yet, but the PROJECT: Hunters login screen was uploaded to the League of Legends YouTube channel today on Nov. 13. Featuring Jhin, Vayne, and Vi, the login previews the three new skins that are coming to League on Nov. 22, according to a date listed within the video's description. The login screen hasn't hit the PBE just yet either, but it'll likely land there sometime this week before it goes live with the next patch.

The login jitters and mixes in some electronic music with three individual looks at each champions' skin before bringing them all together under one vibrant login. You might have your animations and sound muted for your logins to keep them from making too much of a commotion when new ones go live, but this is one login that you'll want to let play out.

The skins for the three champions were teased recently during League's championship event, and after the teaser played, viewers were quick in their attempts to decipher which champions could be seen and heard in the teaser video. Common consensus pointed towards Jhin, Vayne, and Vi seeing how their abilities could all be heard at some point within the initial teaser, but there was still some lasting debate on which champions would be receiving the skins. Riot cleared that up eventually by confirming that those three champions would be the recipients of the new PROJECT skins.

PROJECT skins are never exactly cheap, but Vayne's will be the most expensive of all. The ADC's skin includes an evolving voice over to go along with it, so you'll be paying a bit more for Vayne's skin.

  • PROJECT Jhin: 1350 RP
  • PROJECT Vi: 1350 RP
  • PROJECT Vayne: 1820 RP

The new skins look like they'll be ready to purchase in League soon if the date listed with the trailer holds true, so look for them in the store next week.