League of Legends Confirms New PROJECT Skins for Jhin, Vayne, Vi

League of Legends PROJECT Skins

After teasing the release of new PROJECT skins during the League of Legends Finals and plenty of speculation from viewers, it’s been confirmed that Vi, Jhin, and Vayne will be the recipients of three new PROJECT skins.

Thanks to sound and visual effects that were hidden away within the PROJECT: Hunters teaser, many League players already had a pretty solid idea of who would be getting the skins. Vi, Jhin, and Vayne were the options that were said most often, though names like Sivir cropped up occasionally as well. The skins have now been revealed and are on the PBE for testing, and just like the rest of the PROJECT skins, they’re all fantastic.

Each of the skins has special features and models fitting for the PROJECT skin line, their details found below:

PROJECT Vi – 1350 RP

  • All new model - Police-issued combat armor and copper gauntlets with holograms!
  • All new recall animation - Scour police reports to find information about the wanted criminal Jhin.
  • All new VFX - Neon amber rings, trails and bursts.
  • All new SFX - Powerful tech-enhanced impacts and strikes!

PROJECT Jhin – 1350 RP

  • All new model - A fully robotic body with a glitching bright crimson visage.
  • All new recall animation See the truth behind PROJECT: Jhin’s mask.
  • All new VFX - Striking crimsons against onyx.
  • All new SFX - Technology teeming with corruption.
  • New music on R - Four different intense tracks play during Curtain Call.

PROJECT Vayne – 1820 RP

  • All new model - Fitted metal armor and PROJECT gadgetry, including a camouflaging motorbike.
  • All new animations - Sleek and stealthy animation set, fit for an advanced hunter.
  • All new VFX - Shimmering amethyst bolts and holographic markers, including a HUD mask overlay during Final Hour!
  • All new SFX - Tech-augmented bows and resonant metals!
  • All new, evolving VO - As Vayne levels up, the PROJECT side of her deepens, becoming more robotic as she grows stronger (levels up).

Vayne’s the most expensive one of the options, but with her totally new animations and evolving voice over, it makes sense that she’d run players for a bit more RP. You can check out the full turnarounds for each skin in the links above, and the skins are expected to be released after they finish testing on the PBE.