League of Legends' Quinn Is Getting Late-game Buffs, Better Ultimate

Following up on recent discussions about the marksman and lane bully Quinn, the champion is [...]

League of Legends Quinn
(Photo: Riot Games)

Following up on recent discussions about the marksman and lane bully Quinn, the champion is receiving a small update soon to shift her power towards the late game period while also improving her ultimate.

That goals of the short-term update are to increase the power as the game progresses while also removing bugs and feel-bad mechanics centered around Quinn's ultimate, Behind Enemy Lines. The move allows Quinn to move quickly about the map and apply pressure outside of her lane, but it currently has a few hangups that make it frustrating to use at time.

In a post on the League boards, Riot Xenogenic shared a list of changes for Quinn that are coming to the PBE soon, though they're not scheduled to be released in Patch 8.5.

Passive - Harrier - Quality of life improvement and power increase

  • Auto-attacks that are already in-flight will now trigger and consume the Harrier mark

Base Stats - Shift some of her early game power into late game power

  • Starting AD reduced: 62 >>> 59
  • AD per level increased : 2.4 >>> 3 (AD at 18: 103 >>> 110)

R - Behind Enemy Lines - Bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and teamfight usability improvement

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Skystrike from firing
  • Skystrike now applies her Harrier mark to all enemy champions hit
  • Fixed a bug where Skystrike would deal double damage if fired by re-activating her R
  • Channeling no longer breaks when taking damage
  • Removed the in-combat state that would refresh R's cooldown every time combat was entered
  • Taking damage from non-minions while channeling or while Behind Enemy Lines is active no longer breaks the channel or form. Instead, the movement speed bonus is removed for 2 seconds. Taking damage from minions no longer has any effect.

In a reply to a player's comment within the same post, Riot Xenogenic also said that the team working on Quinn would look into making it so that her ultimate is active when Quinn recalls in the same way that it is now whenever Quinn respawns.

A release patch for the Quinn changes has not been announced.