'League of Legends' Outlines Ranked Plans for Next Patches

The next steps for League of Legends’ updated ranked mode have been outlined with Riot Games [...]

The next steps for League of Legends' updated ranked mode have been outlined with Riot Games already looking ahead to the next few patches.

League of Legends' 2019 season began just a few days ago with players already jumping into ranked matches to try out the new system that places players in tiers differently than the previous setup. It also includes two more tiers for players to fall in with one less division being found in every rank.

While some of the issues players faced with the system have already been taken care of in Patch 9.2 which kicked off the new season, other fixes and improvements are scheduled to be released in upcoming patches. League of Legends designer Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer shared a list of Riot Games' plans for those patches on the game's boards, info which was neatly summed up in the infographic below.

Riot SapMagic elaborated on the plans within the post to explain why some of the changes were being made, many of them stemming from players' feedback so far.

Patch 9.3

  • New Loading Screen/Borders — We'll roll out the updated loading screen and dynamic borders which reflect your current rank
  • Dynamic Split 1 Emote — The Split 1 emote will become dynamic and evolve with your current tier. It locks in at the end of Split 1
  • Clearer LP Splashing Visuals — The amount of LP splashing will be displayed more prominently on the scoreboard screen after a game and doesn't disappear

Patch 9.4

  • Splashing Can Trigger Promo Series — We've heard a lot of feedback from players that you should be able to enter a promo series when you splash to 100 LP so we're doing it. You'll still get a free win from Promo Helper if you're eligible, which should cut down on the grind.

Patch 9.5

  • Autofill Protection in Promo Series — We have heard feedback that it's pretty frustrating when you get a position into a promo series, queue up for it, and then get assigned something different. After this change, you'll be guaranteed* your primary selection if it's in a series.

The first of these changes is scheduled to roll out in Patch 9.3 with the other patches bringing more updates to ranked, though the contents of those patches are subject to change as Riot Games investigates the issues highlighted in the infographic.