League of Legends Officially Removes Twisted Treeline

League of Legends players have a lot of new features to explore now that the game’s massive [...]

League of Legends players have a lot of new features to explore now that the game's massive preseason update has gone live, but there's also one less map to play on. Twisted Treeline, the map known for its 3v3 fights where players operated under different metas and strategies than they did in Summoner's Rift, has officially been removed. Riot Games announced the removal of Twisted Treeline earlier in the year and gave players another reminder that it'd be removed before finally pulling it from League in this latest preseason update.

The patch notes for Patch 9.23 which brought on the preseason before Season 10 officially begins included the note about Twisted Treeline's closure towards the end of the notes. It said the map and the game modes that accompany it would be removed in Patch 9.23 and that people who played on it would get rewards based on how many games they'd played.

You can find a rundown of those rewards below. For players who were quite active in Twisted Treeline, you should have no problem getting the most exclusive of the rewards.

Twisted Treeline Rewards

  • Players who played more than 10 games will get an exclusive icon
  • Players who played more than 50 games will also get an exclusive emote
  • Players who played more than 100 games will also get a second exclusive icon

Earlier in the year in a post about the state of League's various game modes, Riot said pretty much everything about Twisted Treeline aside from the player population didn't meet the studio's quality bar. Riot looked at solutions for the map and its game modes to keep it going, but past attempts to revitalize it like adding new items and balancing champions for that mode didn't work well enough to warrant it sticking around.

"We debated on whether an ARAM-esque level of support would bring it up to standard, but the lack of growth from the previous efforts we mentioned led us to the conclusion that it just wouldn't be enough to make Treeline a healthy long-term mode," Riot said. "So at the end of this season, we will be retiring Twisted Treeline. Like Dominion before it, we're sad to see a longtime part of the game disappear. But we feel this is the best decision for League, as it lets us keep our focus on our larger game modes."

Twisted Treeline may be gone now, but Riot said previously that it's open to bringing Vilemaw back somehow in other game modes.