League of Legends' Rengar May Get Special Ability Animation for Mecha Skin

The latest of the continued Rengar updates is now on the PBE for testing with multiple changes and [...]

League of Legends Rengar
(Photo: Riot Games)

The latest of the continued Rengar updates is now on the PBE for testing with multiple changes and a flashy new animation for the jungler's Mecha skin.

Since the revert of Rengar's Savagery (Q) was announced, the champion has undergone many changes to each one of his abilities. The changes aren't on the scale of a major rework like other champions receive but turning his Savagery back into its previous empowered form is a welcome change for Rengar mains that have requested the revert since it was initially modified to the current version.

The latest PBE update for Rengar was detailed in an ongoing post on the League boards, a post that you'll want to look through to see all of the changes listed from start to finish.


Base AS:: .625 + 3.5%/lvl >>> .666 + 3%/lvl

Sped up certain attack animations to make them feel crisper and better match with when the damage comes out (this is purely a visual change)

Unseen Predator (Passive)

  • No longer plays Q animation when leaping with Q (looked bad)
  • Now plays Q Hit VFX when hitting target with leap Q (looks dope)

Battle Roar (W)

  • AP Ratio reverted:: .7 >>> .8

Bola Strike (E)

  • AP Ratio Removed

Thrill of the Hunt (R)

  • Closest target leap bonus: 30% TAD + 60% AP Bonus physical damage +10/14/18 Armor shred for 4 seconds.
  • Fixed tooltip to reflect this


  • All sounds are being reverted to live states until the 8/4 PBE cycle starts next week.


  • Adding a new Q animation for Mecha Rango. (This is currently very WIP, still needs VFX, sound and general iteration)

As for the Savagery animation that'll be exclusive to the Mecha Rengar skin should it go through, Riot Jinxylord said that the change is one that may not work out in the end.

"Mecha Rango feels a little off now that his old Q is back, but his skin model has a SLASHY blade and not a STABBY knife," Riot Jinxylord said. "We're going to try giving him a fancy new SLASHY animation for Mecha Q. (THIS MAY NOT WORK OUT, IT IS TEMP, WE ARE TESTING)."

Further explanations on the rest of the Rengar changes can be seen through the lengthy boards post.