League of Legends Continues Adjusting Rengar's Changes on PBE

Rengar recently had some new changes added to the PBE that reverted the champion’s Savagery (Q) [...]

League of Legends Rengar
(Photo: Riot Games)

Rengar recently had some new changes added to the PBE that reverted the champion's Savagery (Q) back to its previous form and now has further adjustments being tested.

The changes for Rengar are overwhelmingly welcome for those who preferred the jungling assassin's pre-rework form where he could easily pop out of a bush and one-shot any carry or otherwise vulnerable champion. His Savagery being reverted is the main draw that Rengar mains were pleased to see, but his ultimate, base stats, and his passive all received adjustments as well that'll help him perform his role.

Following the initial changes that were added to the PBE recently, Riot Jinxylord posted a new changelist in the comments of the original post to detail further changes that will affect the champion.

Savagery (Q)

  • Q bonus attack speed on swing:: 15% >>> 30% (this means the Q will "cast" faster)
  • Q animation speed has been adjusted to better match when the damage comes out

Thrill of the Hunt (R)

  • Base Damage:: 150/250/350 >>> 100/175/250
  • Enemy champions revealed by Thrill of the Hunt (by being closest to Rengar) stay revealed for the spell's duration (even if another enemy moves closer)

Riot Jinxylord also offered up an explanation on the changes to give some insight into why the new changes hit the PBE following players' feedback on the first list.

  • A number of Rengar players were observing that the Q felt sluggish, so tweaking it a bit to make it feel snappier. Tell me what you think
  • R damage was straight too high if you compare it to the damage numbers he got from the old crit so we're taking the base down a bit, may need to also hit the ratio going into the future.
  • Vision changes are trying a way to give Rango MORE vision on the ult without giving him complete information unless he works for it. Hopefully it will improve his ability to feel like a hunter while still allowing for the possibility of errors due to incomplete scouting. This specific change is highly experimental and may be iterated away from.

The changes will stay on the PBE for some time before they go live, so give the new (old) Rengar a shot and offer your own feedback before the changes are included in a future patch.