League of Legends: Riot's First Impressions Regarding The New Rift Herald

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of... by

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of...by WWG

League of Legends has a new terror on the Rift.

Well, kind of new.

The Rift Herald got a much-needed makeover in order to make her more valuable within your game. She's now a crazy tower stomping menace. When you defeat the Rift Herald, she drops a consumable that enables you to summon her to help you take down some objectives.

Impressions around the League community have been mixed. On our Facebook page, we've seen comments that support the new Rift Herald and others that think she's still useless and not worth targeting.

How about Riot? What do the creators of the new and improved Rift Herald think? According to Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer, her first impression is a heck of a lot better. "At the very least Rift Herald doesn't look to be too weak to bother with anymore," said Meddler. "Not sure yet if too strong or not, that assessment's also hindered a bit by some bugs that are causing the notifications when the enemy takes it to not play consistently, which effectively makes it stronger (harder to respond quickly to)."

As for those changes, you won't have to wait much longer as Meddler said, "We'll be fixing those in 7.10."

So is she still too weak or did Riot accomplish their goal? "My personal suspicion is that it probably is a bit strong, that's just my view off some personal games since the patch went out though, not a comprehensive, well informed opinion from Riot as a whole," Meddler said.

How can they tweak her around? "A bit more threat in the encounter's also an option," Meddler said. "We erred on the side of easier to take for 7.9 given how much current RH had become ignored and was considered not worth the risk of trying to take. Certainly possible we give her a bit of damage back at some point though depending on which problems we decide to focus (difficulty responding to it being used, versus ease of getting it, versus ability to play against it when present etc)."

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