League of Legends May Split Precision's Bonus Stats

A plan is being discussed by Riot Games to split the stats gained from taking the Precision rune [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

A plan is being discussed by Riot Games to split the stats gained from taking the Precision rune path along with a different secondary path.

Much like the way that Resolve currently gives stats where choosing it as a primary and another path as a secondary will give a champion a bit of extra health along with some stats in a different department, Precision will likely follow in Resolve's footsteps soon. Riot Meddler noted in a recent Gameplay Thoughts post that splitting the stats gained from the Resolved + Secondary option seems to have been overall positive so far, and the same result are expected from splitting Precision's stats as well.

"At this point it's looking very likely that in 8.4 we make it so Precision splits its stats with your other tree selected," Riot Meddler said. "That means Precision primary/Sorcery secondary would give AS and AD, as would Domination primary/Sorcery secondary etc. Same change that was made with Resolve recently, which overall seems to have been a net positive in terms of opening up Rune choice more. It's also got the benefit that now regardless of which combination of paths you're choosing you'll get some of the primary path and some of the secondary (though with Sorc+Domination both are Adaptive AD/AP of course). Not expecting this change to address all the issues with stats in the Runes system, we do think it'll help noticeably though and is something we can change quite quickly."

The goal behind this change is to allow more champions to benefit from taking Precision than those that currently do. Precision is often taken by champions who enjoy bonus attack speed and attack-based sustain, but it's also got powerful runes like Triumph that are worth taking it as a primary despite not getting the most out of the attack speed.

"While we think it will open up Precision primary to a wider range of champs it does have some downside for champions who want to take Precision secondary but don't want attack speed much. Something we'll be testing as a result is skewing the stats split towards one tree in some cases. Sorcery primary/Precision secondary in particular might end up looking something like 70% AP/30% AS, rather than the straight 50%/50% splits Resolve uses with all the non Inspiration."

The change is tentatively scheduled to go live in Patch 8.4.