League of Legends Releases Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan, Valentine's Emotes

The Valentine’s Day spirit is now flowing through League of Legends with Xayah’s and Rakan’s [...]

The Valentine's Day spirit is now flowing through League of Legends with Xayah's and Rakan's Sweetheart skins now available along with additional Valentine's content.

An obvious fit for the heart-filled Valentine's Day skins that release each year, it would be a crime for Xayah and Rakan to not receive the skins that can now be purchased from the in-game store. Featuring some pinks, reds, and purples with hearts decorating their Valentine's outfits, the skins for the support and ADC are both available for 1350 RP each.

A new trailer was also released for the Valentine's Day content that shows off the two skins in a game while the two champs weave in and out of enemies to reach each other. At the end of the video, the rest of the new Valentine's Day content is also shown. Both Xayah and Rakan have a Summoner Icon available as well for 250 RP each, and the Lovebirds Icon shown in the video can be purchased for 250 RP or 1500 Blue Essence along with a Lovebirds Ward for 650 RP.

The new emotes shown in the trailer are also available for varying prices. Each emote for the champions, Poro, and the emote with a heart and arrow are all available for 450 RP or in a Be My Sweetheart Emote Bundle that's available for 1575 RP. The heart candy-shaped emotes sold separately exclusively in a separate bundle called the Sweet Treats Emote Bundle that costs 600 RP.

Outside of the new skins, several bundles are also available that include various Sweetheart and Heartseeker skins. These bundles include different champions along with their respective skins along with various icons and wards, all of these skin-filled bundles found in the store now with RP prices that vary depending on which champions and skins you already own.

With Xayah's and Rakan's skins being the first ones for the two champions outside of their launch skins, these cosmetics will also be staying the store for a full year, so you'll have time to get them outside of just this month.

Valentine's Day content such as wards, emotes, and bundles will be available in the store until Feb. 26.