League of Legends Teaser Spotted for New Void Champion

A teaser that appears to be hinting at the next League of Legends has been noticed that involves [...]

A teaser that appears to be hinting at the next League of Legends has been noticed that involves the Rift Herald being taken down by an unseen force.

As seen in the above video from SkinSpotlights, the teaser occurs so long as neither team kills the Rift Herald. When it comes time for the Rift Herald to despawn and the Baron takes its place, a different animation takes the place of the normal one that shows the Baron winding in from the sides. In this new animation, a projectile comes from the wall that surrounds the spawn and takes out the Rift Herald to make way for Baron.

What's even more interesting is the relationship that the teaser has with Swain. As the latest champion that's now technically new, it makes sense that Swain would be the most likely candidate to have a reference to the teaser that's been discovered. When Swain is nearby during the Rift Herald's despawn, a voice line plays that references a "girl who came back." This quote fuels even more speculation surrounding the identity of the new void marksman, a champion that's been theorized to be Kassadin's daughter.

A character that's only referenced in the lore for now, Kassadin's daughter is intertwined with Kassadin, Malzahar, and the Void. The Void is still one of the most mysterious parts of League lore, and all that's really known about Kassadin's daughter is that she found herself stuck in the otherworldly land just like Kassadin did, though if the theories are to be believed that are encouraged by this teaser, it looks like it's time for her to return.

The first news of the new marksman champion from the Void was revealed during Riot Reav3's Champion Roadmap from January. Riot Reav3 shared some quick thoughts on the new champion that players have already begun digging into for any references that can be found like those seen prior to Zoe's reveal.

The new champion's identity hasn't been confirmed yet, so look for that reveal along with the Void champion's full set of abilities and hunter-like playstyle closer to the champ's full release.