League of Legends' Tristana, Duskblade Getting Nerfed Soon

Some of League of Legends’ most problematic champions and items are being nerfed soon with some [...]

League of Legends Tristana
(Photo: Riot Games)

Some of League of Legends' most problematic champions and items are being nerfed soon with some buffs also coming to help out seldom-played junglers.

These nerfs and buffs for the champions and items won't come until Patch 8.5, but they'll be welcome changes when they do get here. As one of the smaller patches in the alternating patch cycle, the changes won't be quite as drastic as other patches.

As the ADC to beat in the bot lane in solo queue matches and one that sees just as much play in the pro games, Tristana's safety is one of her more frustrating traits. Her Rocket Jump allows for an easy out of many situations with the move even trumping some forms of CC when timed correctly, but it's unclear at the moment if this is the area that is being targeted for the nerfs. Riot Meddler did say though in his list of 8.5 changes that the goal here is to nerf her by emphasizing her weaknesses, not through a power nerf.

Along with Tristana, Riot Meddler outlined a more complete list of changes that'll likely be seen in Patch 8.5:

  • Nerfs to Tristana. She has insufficient weaknesses at present, so looking to introduce or sharpen a weakness most likely, rather than just hitting power generally.
  • A nerf to Duskblade's proc damage and potentially some clean up to the rules around how the Blackout passive work.
  • Changes to make at least some of the dragon buffs more desirable/fought over early game. Not sure on any details here yet.
  • Azir, Ryze and Galio nerfs. Ryze particularly challenging given how stark his discrepancy between regular performance and pro performance already is.
  • Nocturne and Olaf buffs.

Duskblade is one item that players will mostly enjoy seeing changed as well, an item that's built on assassins and most junglers that aren't AP champions or tanks. A Duskblade user getting an early lead and finishing the item first usually means that the snowball has begun rolling with massive damage coming the second they touch you, but the proc damage nerf will hopefully give at least some way to fight back.

The full details on the buffs and nerfs will be provided closer to Patch 8.5's release as they hit the PBE first.