League of Legends' Turrets Are About to Get Tankier

Knocking down turrets in League of Legends might not be quite as easy soon when the next update [...]

League of Legends Turret

Knocking down turrets in League of Legends might not be quite as easy soon when the next update makes the objectives tougher to destroy.

The news that the turrets would be undergoing some changes came from Riot's Maple Nectar, an associate development manager who replied to a post on the League boards about the turrets. A League player outlined an issue that they had with the turrets not withstanding enough abuse when being attacked by multiple champions while referring to the turrets' composition as "wet toilet paper."

"Turrets feel like they are made out of wet toilet paper and the problem just gets worse each season," a League player by the name of InfinitexMortal said. "This season if you get cheese ganked before 10 minutes, one time, there goes your turret 100% to 0% before you can get back to lane. If they bring 3 or 4 people on the cheese gank, there goes both of your turrets."

The situation that the player described is likely one that's recognizable to many other players who have felt the frustration of watching your turret fall early on in a game. With first turret gold now an objective that's been cemented into players' early-to-mid game goals, facing a multi-man gank could very well lead to your turret falling before you're able to respond.

A response was given to the original poster by Riot Maple Nectar after the poster requested that the turrets receive a buff, no matter how small, to make them tougher to take down.

"I talked about it before on the boards - but we have some tuning to turrets going out in 7.23 that we were looking at for awhile," Riot Maple Nectar said. "It's not going to be anything drastic, but they'll be slightly tankier next patch."

Without hard numbers being provided on what the changes will include, it's hard to guess how different the turrets will feel once the new changes go live. The comment from Maple Nectar seemed to focus on the sturdiness of the turrets, but there could very well be other changes as well such as damage per shot along with the defensive boost.