This League of Legends Rune Could Soon Bring Back Retired Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells that were once considered long gone from League of Legends may make a return, at [...]

League of Legends Ryze
(Photo: Riot Games)

Summoner Spells that were once considered long gone from League of Legends may make a return, at least for players using the Unsealed Spellbook rune.

Riot already brought back Mana Potions with the Kleptomancy rune, so why not bring back Summoner Spells like Revive? That's precisely the plan that's being considered at the moment with champions using Unsealed Spellbook potentially being able to employ the use of older Summoner Spells in addition to the current options and the lower Summoner Spell cooldown that the rune offers.

"We're working on Unsealed Spellbook at the moment. Changes won't be in 8.2 at least, hoping for not too long after though (could be 8.3 if smaller in scope, probably 8.4 if larger)," Riot Meddler explained. "One thing we are trying that I figured would be of interest given it's been a frequent suggestion, is allowing people with Unsealed Spellbook to select some older Summoner Spells that aren't generally in the game anymore. Still trying to figure out which ones we should offer. Some seem pretty safe (e.g. Clarity). Others are really interesting, but might be problematic (e.g. Revive)."

Not every Summoner Spell would make a return, though. When asked about Clairvoyance in particular, Meddler explained that they have to look at whether anyone would actually choose these older Summoner Spells or not.

"We've talked a bit about Clairvoyance, in particular since we figured there are some folks such as yourself out there who enjoyed it and would like to see it back. It's one of the more doubtful ones though because if it's strong enough to be a good choice it results in reliable vision for no risk, leading to difficulties with things like securing vision control around objectives sufficiently, limited early jungler ability to gank etc. With other sources of vision like trinkets that's much less of an issue since we can tune them to the correct spot as needed. CV however needs to have enough strength in it to compete against other Summoner Spells like TP though."

More details on the potential changes will come as Riot moves further into the testing.