League of Legends: Upcoming Ahri and Caitlyn Nerfs

or shifting damage from W/R into E.' Ahri dominates as it is. As it stands, she's the most played [...]

Caitlyn 3
(Photo: League of Legends)

Two of League of Legends strongest champions are about to get smacked with the nerf hammer in a very big way.

If you're queuing up to play AD Carry, you almost certainly have Caitlyn high up on your priority list. She's been a go-to for a while and has only been the beneficiary of the ever changing meta. It all starts with one key item. As soon as you pick up Runaan's Hurricane, Caitlyn becomes a monster with her Headshot. Because of this, Riot has a change in mind for her.

"Headshot no longer stacks multiple times per attack with Hurricane," said Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer. "Caitlyn's lacking in clear enough weaknesses and one she should have is lower single target DPS late game than most marksmen with similar builds. Hurricane's currently making it so her teamfight single target damage is higher than we suspect it should be however, at the same time also constricting her build paths. Testing a change as a result."

Next on the list is Ahri. As it stands Ahri is overpowered. If you disagree, well, continue living in disbelief. She's the definition of melting someone. Pull off your full combo with Ahri and you can kiss your opponent goodbye. Meddler shares the same thoughts and spoke about Ahri and said, "Almost certainly needs a nerf. Direction not certain yet, two main ones being considered being higher Q mana cost (hit waveclear/pressure early) or shifting damage from W/R into E." Ahri dominates as it is. As it stands, she's the most played mid laner at a percentage of 20.91%. She also owns the third highest win rate at 53.39%. Only Fiddlesticks and Anivia have higher win rates.

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