League of Legends: Upcoming Trundle and Shaco Changes

.'What do you think of these planned changes to Trundle and Shaco? Do you agree with these [...]

Trundle 1
(Photo: League of Legends)

Two of League of Legends champions are going to be under Riot's microscope when 7.13 comes along.

The first champion being looked at is a pest in the jungle. Pest + jungle... I think you know who I'm talking about here. The first champion on the block is Shaco. According to Meddler, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, they're trying to help Shaco get back to his AD build.

"Looking at E changes to better support AD builds (more assassin generally)," said Meddler. "Trying things like damage of 50-150 + 1.2 bonus AD, instead of 5-125 + 0.75 total AD, changing the low health effect to be a multiplier on the existing damage, rather than a percentage of the target's missing health. Also considering swapping it from magical to physical damage."

Next up is Trundle. He's getting a buff to make him more viable in one on one situations. "Aiming to give him a bit more dueling power against AD opponents (higher AD steal on Q) and seeing whether or not we can give him some split push back," said Meddler. He also spoke about Trundle's Q and what the future holds for that. "We've seen a lot of people missing the tower chomping with Q so investigating whether or not we can afford to return that (though it needed to be removed previously, think that might have been an unnecessary call though)."

As a teaser for sticking around and reading through the article, we've also discovered some news about an upcoming champion. Don't get too excited though, it won't happen quite yet, but it's not far off.

"We're getting closer to a new champ, for those wondering though (seeing a bit of speculation) no, there won't be a new champ dropping onto the PBE in 7.13 today (or later in the cycle)."

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