League of Legends Vastaya Q&A

about the Vastaya. We've included some choice quotes below, but if you want to get the full [...]

Xayah Rakan
(Photo: Riot Games)

It's been a month now since the first dual champion release hit the rift, but that doesn't mean that the questions surrounding Xayah and Rakan have died off. The two both proved quite popular on the rift, and that popularity spawned quite a few questions about what exactly the two are. The two are the first members of their race, the Vastaya, to join the League, and so naturally, some of the more lore-hungry players have some serious questions about them. It's for that reason that Riot Games put together a nice Q&A about just about everything you could possibly want to know (or not know) about the Vastaya. We've included some choice quotes below, but if you want to get the full experience, you should check out the full post here.

"What is it about Soraka, Volibear, Alistar, and Trundle that makes them different from the vastaya?

Soraka, Voli, Alistar and Trundle are all different, distinct species. Alistar is a minotaur - a race which likely evolved separate from the vastaya even if they are sometimes confused by outsiders. Trundle a troll. Soraka is something… different, probably associated with Mt. Targon. Volibear is more akin to a primal Freljordian nature spirit/force of nature.

Why did you decide to pick Zed as the enemy of Rakan and Xayah in the promo video?

Our Champion Publishing team chose Zed to show that Rakan and Xayah aren't totally villains. Their cause leads them to operate in some morally gray areas, but they ultimately seek a noble goal. Zed corrupting vastayan wild magic with his shadow powers was a clear way to show what Xayah and Rakan stood against.

Do bird vastaya like Xayah and Rakan lay eggs?

I'll be struggling to get that image out of my head for a couple of days, but no,they don't.

Are Nidalee and Udyr considered vastaya or is their blood too diluted?

They are not considered vastaya, but they do have some vastayan blood.

Are the vastaya not commonly known in Runeterra?

Not many regular people in Runeterra have seen them, but those who have are unlikely to have tied together all the various tribes and their sources. Perhaps the work of Eduard Santangelo might begin to change things? If folks take him seriously (he is a bit of a bragard).

Do the vastaya have a religion? If so, what's it like?

They are close to the spirit world. They do not have an organized religion, they pay respects to the various nature spirits and spirit animals, but have a much closer relationship than human shamans do"