League of Legends Has Buffs Coming for Poor Volibear

League of Legends Volibear
(Photo: Riot Games)

Buffs are being tested for the thunderous Volibear that’ll hopefully put the League of Legends champion in a better spot, or at least make him feel like more of a playable option.

It’s no question that Volibear has suffered throughout recent patches with a low pick rate and win rate, those numbers even being impossible to locate depending on where you look. On op.gg where stats for each champion are tracked, Volibear and Ivern are the only two champions that don’t have enough data available to generate their average numbers.

While players have brought up questions about the state of Volibear occasionally in the past, the upcoming mini patch that’s focused on fighters and other top lane champions once again pulled Volibear into the discussion on the League boards. When one comment asked why Volibear was absent from the mini patch while other fighters received buffs, Riot Meddler said that there actually are changes being tested for the bear. The buff below to Volibear’s “W” was not part of the plans for the mini patch, Meddler explained, so while it’s being tested, it might not be shipping with the next update.

W: Frenzy

  • Bonus Attack Speed (stacks 3 times) :: 4/8/12/16/20% >>> 6/12/18/24/30%

The buff adds a decent amount of attack speed to the ability at the higher ranks, but it still may seem like a band-aid to Volibear mains. The question of whether or not Volibear was a candidate for a complete rework was raised, a question that was heard several times when Ornn’s release worked Volibear into the blacksmith’s lore as a sibling rivalry. When asked if Volibear should receive one of the smaller Gameplay Updates like Xin Zhao and Azir received, Meddler agreed that the bear needed more work beyond the small buff.

“Yeah, he needs larger work, though whether just a gameplay update or a full VGU I think you could argue either way,” Meddler said. “Talking to the person looking at Voli this patch sounds like he's going to take another pass at changes too btw, so likely to be something other than the above buff.”

With Volibear once again being talked about and looked at for potential buffs, expect to see more on the champion’s changes soon seeing how the team working on him might be planning for additional buffs.