League of Legends: Wild Rift Beta Is Expanding to More Regions Soon

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s closed beta test is coming to an end soon, but it’ll only be away for a couple of days. During that time, some work will be done behind-the-scenes while players take a break, and when the beta returns, it’ll be available in more regions than it was initially released in. Riot Games covered some of these details previously when the closed beta first launched and expanded more on the information recently now that the beta is about to be shut down.

If you haven’t played the closed beta yet, there’s a good chance that it simply isn’t available in your region. It was released in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand first with several regions added over the course of the beta. It was and is also only available on the Android platform which limited how many players could take part.

But soon, we’ll see it expanded to more regions. Riot said in its support site for Wild Rift and through the game’s Twitter account that the beta will soon be shut down on October 3rd. It’ll be offline for a few days during which time all the progress players have made will be reset. A few days after that, the closed beta will return with more players and more regions able to take part.

It hasn’t been said yet which regions will get access to the closed beta though, so there’s a chance you’ll still have to wait a while to play depending on where you’re located.

For those who have been fortunate enough to try it out, you’ll indeed lose your progress when the reset happens. Everyone will start back at the same point at the beginning of their progressions, but your friends lists, custom loadouts, and settings will remain intact.

Purchases will also be reset, and for those who paid into the beta to purchase extra loot while it was live, you’ll get more back than you put in.


“Not only will your Wild Cores be returned after the reset, but you’ll receive an additional 20% boost!” Riot Games said about its plan for refunding players who purchased the Wild Cores currency. “That’s 120% of the Wild Cores you purchased! Think of it as a small token of gratitude for all your help.”

The beta will go offline soon, so look for more information around October 3rd about how the beta will progress in the next couple of days.