League of Legends Orchestral Theme Released Ahead of World Championship

Riot Games treated players to a powerful orchestral theme for the game’s World Championship [...]

Riot Games treated players to a powerful orchestral theme for the game's World Championship event that's starting in a few weeks. The theme was revealed in a new video shared this week that showed a look at some of the biggest parts of the game like the Baron and Elder Dragon alongside some of the champions who've been instrumental in the game throughout this season. Starting in October, players will be able to see the pros take on their opponents again when the first stages of the World Championship begin.

Composed by Riot Music Team, the theme can be heard above in the video which accompanied it to preview this year's Worlds event. Like past themes which were made for the game's biggest esports events, the video for this one moves its focus to different champions and highlights for this year's European venues before zooming out to show everything as a whole. This gives players an idea of what they'll be seeing in their clients as the login animation and music, assuming they choose not to opt into the new login system which appears to be rolling out for players.

If you're planning on tuning into the Worlds event but aren't sure when you're supposed to start watching the games, look no further than the graphic below which Riot Games shared months ago. It shows that the first stages of the World Championship will begin on October 2nd when the Play-In Stage begins. Twelve different teams will play during that part of the championship with those teams selected depending on how they performed during the regular season. After that, we'll move to the Group Stage just a few days after Play-Ins end with the Quarterfinals following on October 26th. Semifinals will take place the next week with the Finals between the last two remaining teams happening on November 10th.

League of Legends WOrlds Calendar
(Photo: Riot Games)

The competitive season for regular players will end around a week after Worlds does, so perhaps this theme released for the event will motivate some players to push through a few more ranks to make sure they get as many rewards as possible. Riot Games hasn't revealed what those rewards will be nor has it said which champion would get the Victorious skin, but we do know the ranked season will end on November 19th.

"The Summoner's Rift 2019 Ranked Season will end on November 19th," Riot Games said in its latest Ask Riot post. "This could change if something weird happens; we'll let you know if it does."