League of Legends Worlds 2022 Dates, Locations Confirmed

Riot Games announced this week the full plans for League of Legends' World Championship taking place this year with several stops planned for North America throughout the duration of the event. These new details include the dates during which the various stages of the event will take place as well confirmation of the venues and the seeding in place for the teams that'll compete.

September 29th will mark the start of the Worlds tournament where the Play-Ins stage will begin in Mexico City, Mexico. The competition will stay there for a couple of days before moving north to New York and then making various stops around the United States.

The list of dates and venues below show where the games will take place:

League of Legends Worlds 2022 Schedule

  • Play-Ins: September 29-October 4 at the Arena Esports Stadium at Artz Pedregal in Mexico City, Mexico;
  • Groups: October 7-10 and October 13-16 at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York City;
  • Quarterfinals: October 20-23 at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York City;
  • Semifinals: October 29-30 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Finals: November 5 at Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

Of the various regions that'll be participating in the event, 12 teams will begin at the Play-In stage while 12 more will move straight to the Group Stage for a total of 24 teams competing. The breakdown below shows which teams will go where based on their performance as the regular season wraps up.

Qualifies Automatically for Group Stage

  • China (LPL) – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Seeds
  • Korea (LCK) – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Seeds
  • Europe (LEC) – 1st and 2nd Seeds
  • North America (LCS) – 1st and 2nd Seeds
  • Southeast Asia (PCS) – 1st Seed
  • Vietnam (VCS) – 1st Seed

Starts at the Play-In Stage

  • China (LPL) – 4th Seed
  • Korea (LCK) – 4th Seed
  • Europe (LEC) – 3rd and 4th Seed
  • North America (LCS) – 3rd Seed
  • Southeast Asia (PCS) – 2nd Seed
  • Vietnam (VCS) – 2nd Seed
  • Brazil (CBLOL) – 1st Seed
  • Japan (LJL) – 1st Seed
  • Latin America (LLA) – 1st Seed
  • Oceania (LCO) -1st Seed
  • Turkey (TCL) – 1st Seed

We don't yet have any info about plans for tickets for those who might be considering attending the events in-person, but Riot said that'll come soon enough.