Legend of the Five Rings Will Get a Dungeons & Dragons 5E Compatible Rulebook

Legend of the Five Rings will be getting a rules adaptation compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. Last month, Edge Studios, a new RPG studio owned by Asmodee that handles the RPG franchises once managed by Fantasy Flight Games, announced they were adapting Legend of the Five Rings for 5E rules. The setting book will be titled Adventures in Rokugan and will adapt the feudal Japan-influenced world of Legend of the Five Rings using the 5th Edition SRD. 

Legend of the Five Rings and Dungeons & Dragons has a complicated history with one another. Legend of the Five Rings started as a collectible card game produced by Alderac Entertainment Group. The company Five Rings Publishing Group was created to purchase the IP rights to Legend of the Five Rings and was then purchased by Wizards of the Coast, who used the setting of that game as part of its re-released Oriental Adventures supplement. Eventually, Wizard of the Coast's parent company Hasbro sold the Legend of the Five Rings IP back to AEG in 2000, who then sold the rights to the property to Asmodee studio Fantasy Flight Games in 2015. Fantasy Flight Games developed a new card game and RPG around the franchise, but discontinued the card game last year and then moved all of its RPG projects (including Legend of the Five Rings) over to Asmodee's Edge Studios last year. 

According to the lead rules designer Max Brooke, Adventures in Rokugan will allow players to create a larger-than-life hero straight out of the in-setting's myths, who goes on to inspire the future (and more grounded) generations of the game. To help craft this world, Edge Studios tapped Lydia Suen as the Story Designer for the book, while Brooke and Welden Bringhurst worked on the mechanics for the new RPG. "Adventures in Rokugan is its own new experience, and one that I think a lot of people can enjoy, whether they're longtime fans or new to Rokugan," Brooke noted on Twitter. 

Brooke also noted that Adventures in Rokugan will continue on its "previous planned path" and that the new book would not replace the current Legend of the Five Rings RPG but would intend serve as a different entry path for Rokugan. No release date or timeframe has been given for the release of this new book.