Legends of Runeterra Reveals Final Region and a PvE Mode

After adding numerous regions found across Runeterra to the League of Legends card game Legends of [...]

After adding numerous regions found across Runeterra to the League of Legends card game Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games revealed on Tuesday the final region that'll be added to the game. Bandle City is coming in August as the game's 10th region, Riot said, and will bring with it Yordle champions and associated cards that represent different parts of the Yordle domain. Riot also announced a new PvE mode called "Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge" which is scheduled to arrive with the release of the 2.13.0 update.

Bandle City, for those playing Legends of Runeterra without prior League knowledge or those not up on their Runeterra geography, is the land where champions like Teemo, Tristana, Corki, and more Yordles come from. Unlike the other regions, however, it doesn't have a fixed place on any map of Runeterra. It's a spiritual realm seldom accessed by non-Yordles, and it's defined by magic, tricks, pranks, and more traits that'll likely manifest themselves in the cards that come as part of the "Beyond the Bandlewood" expansion.

Andrew Yip, the game director for Legends of Runeterra, said that this won't mean the end of new champions and related cards even though this is the last region planned. Yip said champions from other regions will still be added and will be categorized according to the Legends of Runeterra region that makes the most sense for them.

"Now, just because this is the final region, doesn't mean your favorite champions from Ixtal, the Void, or other parts of Runeterra aren't coming to LoR— it just means that when they do, they'll rep the in-game region that makes the most sense for them," Yip said.

Also announced was the new Saltwater Scourge mode planned for the Lab of Legends experience. Riot is expanding on Lab of Legends with the new mode that uses an "RPG-style power progression" element mixed with exploration and a few unique Bilgewater champions.

"You'll arrive in Bilgewater as Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, or Tahm Kench," said Exis, the head of Lab of Legends. "Make your way across the map, picking fights, unearthing buried treasure, and spending hard-earned gold as you swashbuckle your way toward a final showdown with Gangplank."

The new Lab of Legends mode will arrive in Patch 2.13.0 while the Bandle City expansion will be added in August.