Legends of Runeterra Announces "Call of the Mountain" Expansion

Aurelion Sol 2 hed
(Photo: Riot Games)

Legends of Runeterra has announced its Call of the Mountain expansion, which adds a brand new region and seven new champions to the online card game. Riot Games has officially revealed Call of the Mountain, which adds the Targon region to the game along with seven new champions and six new keywords. The release will include 89 new cards, and will kick off a bi-monthly card release schedule that includes two additional 40-card expansions released in October and December. By December, the Targon region will have an equal share of Champions and a near-equal share of cards as every other region in the game.

Mount Targon is Runeterra's highest mountain and is a place of myth and legend. Those who manage to reach its summit are granted an otherworldly Aspect of power, although each Aspect has different abilities. Targon becomes the ninth region in Legends of Runeterra. Players build decks using cards from up to two different regions, each of which have different abilities and ways of playing the game.

Call of the Mountain's seven Champions includes Leona, Diana, Aurelion Sol, and Taric from the Targon region, along with Nocturne for the Shadow Isles, Trundle for Frejlord, and Lulu for Ionia. 51 of the expansion's new cards will be for Targon, while the remaining 38 cards will be spread out among the existing regions. Each subsequent expansion will include 3 additional Champions.

The expansion will also add six new keywords to the game, each of which grants cards different abilities. The keywords are summarized below:

  • Fury: When I kill a unit, grant me +1|+1.
  • Spellshield: Negates the next enemy spell or skill that would affect me.

  • Daybreak: Bonus if this is the FIRST card you play in a round (bonus dependent on card text).

  • Nightfall: Bonus if this is NOT the first card you play in a round (bonus dependent on card text).

  • Behold: Bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand (bonus dependent on card text).

  • Invoke: Pick a Celestial card from among 3 to create in hand. Celestials are a special pool of created cards representing the constellations above.

Call of the Mountain will be released on August 26th.